Anacortes Soo Bahk Do


Soo Bahk Do Curriculum
The internationally standardized curriculum teaches physical techniques including: basics (hand and foot techniques), forms, self-defense, and non-contact sparring applications.  All techniques emphasize use of the hip for effectiveness and safety.  The physical instruction and activity are integrated with the teaching of Korean terminology, history and philosophy.

Open to Everyone – Ages 4 and up
Adaptation is provided as needed for students with physical or developmental challenges

Crouching Tigers (ages 4-6)
In addition to the standardized Soo Bahk Do curriculum, a special program is offered to children 4-6 years of age.  This program prepares the younger student for the standardized program, offers discipline and physical coordination needed for the techniques of the art.

Training Materials (*requires Adobe Reader)

Training Requirements by Rank (*requires Adobe Reader)