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Watch Soo Bahk Do in action! Our video collection includes tournaments, tests, and special events such as summer camp.

A Martial Art for Life

What is Soo Bahk Do? Soo Bahk Do is a classical martial art originating in Korea many centuries ago. It consists of both “hard” & “soft” styles. Soo Bahk Do is noted for its explosive kicking techniques and dynamic hand strikes. It utilizes scientific theory to attain maximum power in its techniques. Soo Bahk Do is a harmony of body and mind. We seek not only to prepare students for physical defense but to build character. There are over 150 studios nationwide and nearly 50,000 members in the 19 countries with Soo Bahk Do studies. Our distinctive midnight blue belts distinguish our degree-holding members from other styles.

Our internationally standardized curriculum teaches physical techniques including: basics (hand and foot techniques), forms, self-defense, and non-contact sparring applications.